Fastway Introduces a Solid Steel Ball Mount

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Fastway Trailer Products recently introduced the Solid Steel Ball Mount (SSBM), the newest addition in the Fastway Flash ball mount line. The SSBM is Fastway’s first steel ball mount.

The SSBM is engineered with a solid shank forged with high-strength steel. It offers commercial-grade towing capacity, with tow ratings ranging from 12,000-pound max trailer weight for the standard model to 20,000-pound max trailer weight for the HD model.

“The SSBM is designed with high-strength steel and is specifically designed and optimized to reduce weight and maximize strength,” said Jason Harper, Fastway engineer. “Throughout testing the SSBM has been taken to its limits and performed flawlessly. We couldn’t find any evidence of damage, or wear or even a hint that it had towed that much weight. It didn’t affect the hitch in the least.”

“We’ve been looking forward to the launch of the SSBM,” said Rich Elliott, VP of sales and marketing. “At Fastway we are continually innovating and developing new products and diversifying our product offering. We are excited to launch our first steel ball mount, and to provide the option for our customers to choose a steel or aluminum ball mount from the Flash line.”

SSBM has a black powder coat finish and is made to resist the harshest environments.


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