Featherlite Gains TRA’s Green Certification Status

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TRA Certification added horse trailer manufacturer Featherlite Trailers to its list of environmentally friendly manufacturers, the company announced Tuesday (Sept. 22) at the manufacturer’s dealer meeting in Kansas City, Mo.

Featherlite earned Bronze-level of certification and will begin labeling their living quarters horse trailers with TRA’s label.

TRA Certification is an organization that specializes in environmentally friendly building and energy efficiency programs as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications for environmental management systems.

Featherlite facilities operate with both ISO 9001, an international standard defining quality management, and ISO 14001, which defines environmental standards, in mind, according to the release.

“With regards to resource efficiency, Featherlite recycles or reuses 90 percent of manufacturing waste,” according to Mandy Leazenby, TRA Certification rater. “Featherlite utilizes CNC machines and jigs to reduce waste and maximize material usage. They also use components that are shipped on reusable containers. The flooring and walls for the horse trailer area is made from recycled rubber tires. Featherlite’s facilities are some of the most organized in the business.”

In regards to energy efficiency, Featherlite units are tested in a rain booth to ensure a durable product. That test water is then treated to a balanced pH level before returning to the city for recycling.

Featherlite’s horse trailers are also water efficient by containing low-flow faucets in the kitchen and bathroom and a low-flow showerhead.

Featherlite installs very little carpeting in its units, which makes for easy clean-up and healthier indoor air quality. They also use low VOC cleaners during the final finish process. Lastly, ductwork is located above the floor, so dirt, dust and other contaminants aren’t being re-introduced into the air, according to the release.

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