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Federal Court Rules in Winnebago’s Favor

RV manufacturer Winnebago did not violate consumer protection laws through its warranty with a Colorado couple, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled on Wednesday.

“Winnebago did not breach the warranty because the Platts failed to provide it with an opportunity to perform repairs,” wrote Senior Judge Stephanie K. Seymour for the circuit panel.

Deborah Ann Platt and Dallas Vaughn Platt bought a Winnebago Era RV in 2016, but needed to bring it to a Camping World service center in Golden seven times for warranty-covered repairs. The defects included “a loud squeaky noise, an inoperable GPS and furnace, and screens falling off the windows,” according to records. The 12-month warranty required that an owner bring their vehicle to an authorized dealer and then to the company itself before resorting to legal action. The Platts continued to need repairs and scheduled an appointment with Winnebago in Forest City, Iowa.

However, the couple canceled the appointment and sued the company for breaches of federal and state law, including the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. Despite the company’s assurance that it would fix all outstanding defects at no cost to the Platts, the couple claimed they had “lost faith” in Winnebago.

Click here to read the whole story from Michael Karlick on Colorado Politics.

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