Finance Solution Starts 10th Year of Boosting RV Dealer Sales

Finance Solution logo

Florida-based RV and boat financing company Finance Solution begins its tenth year of business in 2022. Since its founding, Finance Solution said it has given every dealership they’ve partnered with a 20 percent bump in finance approvals.

Finance Solution was founded to solve dealerships’ problems balancing sales floor duties with an in-house F&I department. The company works with dealers so they can outsource their F&I departments to take on loan, insurance and warranty approvals that they couldn’t normally handle.

RV and boat dealers often try to create a smooth sales process on the showroom floor, but that process slows down when buyers arrive at the F&I department. Dealerships often have to wait for their customers’ loans and other financing options to get approved by lenders. Finance Solution gets rid of those waiting periods by actively maintaining relationships with lenders, the company said.

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