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Financing Option Available for Hosted Buyers at OHCE2023

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National ARVC will now offer a new financing program specially designed for hosted buyer attendees at OHCE2023.

Historically, two sobstacles have stood in the way of hosted buyers making substantial purchases at OHCE:

Loan approval time and the delay in securing loans.

The time-consuming process of sourcing lenders for each individual purchase.

National ARVC has committed to eliminating these barriers, ensuring a seamless and worthwhile OHCE2023 experience for both hosted buyers and exhibitors. This program allows hosted buyers to get pre-qualified to then bundle multiple purchases into a single, easy-to-manage loan. This not only provides hosted buyers with better purchase prices and loan rates but also opens new business opportunities for participating OHCE exhibitors, including financial lenders.

Before the event, hosted buyers have the opportunity to pre-qualify with multiple lenders based on their estimated loan needs. For those interested in making multiple purchases that require financing, these purchases can be bundled into one convenient loan. Hosted buyers can collaborate with participating exhibitors to secure the best pricing and rates. With pre-qualified loans, they can make purchases on-site.

The loan providers have committed to pre-qualifying hosted buyers before the start of OHCE2023, along with the best possible rates, and exhibitors are offering special show pricing.

To apply, visit arvc.org/hostedbuyer and also register for OHCE2023.

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