FIREDISC to Appear in Walmart

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FIREDISC, a line of mobile cookers, has rolled out into 20 Walmart locations in the Dallas and Houston areas.

“As we continue to grow our business, we look to partner with retailers who attract a customer base similar to that of our target audience,” said Hunter Jaggard, CEO and co-founder of FIREDISC. “Launching our products into Walmart will allow us to showcase the FIREDISC brand to a family-oriented customer base that may have never seen our product before.”

“Whether we’re using it on tour with the band or on the tailgate of my truck at the deer lease, it always comes through for me,” said Kevin Fowler, a country singer-songwriter. “The convenience and compact portability make it perfect on the tour bus. But the FIREDISC is equally as functional in my backyard cooking fajitas and drinking beer. I love my FIREDISC and can see this product becoming a household staple for families everywhere.”


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