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Firestone Airide Debuts Air Command Onboard Compressor Kits

Firestone Airide adds single- and dual-path smartphone app and wireless remote-control options designed to maximize truck capability, safety and comfort while hauling and towing.

iPhone and Android users can adjust their Airide springs with single- and dual-path controls through a Bluetooth connection.

Firestone Airide will showcase Air Command at King of Hammers 2024, which opens tomorrow and runs through Feb. 3.

Firestone Airide, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas, first patented air-spring technology in 1938, 86 years ago. The Air Command allows users to control air helper springs from a Bluetooth-based smartphone app or wireless remote. Live system monitoring and adjust-on-the-fly capabilities are just a screen tap away, including single- and dual-path controls. When properly optioned with dual-path control, Air Command can inflate left- and right-hand air helper springs individually, helping to level out uneven loads.

“With remote and app-based wireless dual-path controls, and robust product offering, Airide will change the way people think about towing and hauling,” said Justin Monaghan, president, Firestone Airide. “We are excited for heavy-load towers and haulers, like the racers and spectators at King of the Hammers, to test out Air Command for themselves.”

Leveling out the vehicle’s suspension while towing, reducing sag, has more than visual benefits. Leveling the suspension helps increase steering control, levels headlights, enhances ride comfort, balances heavy loads, prevents cargo from bottoming out, and can add trailer braking efficiency.

Air Command is designed to complement air helper springs for most 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton trucks, SUVs, vans and Class A RVs, whether they’re hauling a camper, landscaping equipment, horse trailer, boat and beyond. The initial debut of Air Command and the new Bluetooth control technology at King of the Hammers 2024 will showcase the application for the off-road and toy-hauling community of enthusiasts.

To learn more about Firestone Airide, visit firestoneairide.com/automotive/aftermarket/.

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