Five New Trends You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

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The digital marketing world is ever-changing, and it’s important to stay on top of new trends and changes in technology to stay competitive. Here we are sharing five new trends in digital marketing that can help increase your dealership’s online visibility.

1.    Enhance your marketing strategy with new data, collected directly from your buyers.

  • One way to do this in a creative way is with an emailed survey request or a pop-up survey on your website. Directly ask your customers and potential customers for answers that you could most benefit from. Learn about what type of brands they prefer, how often they are in need of new parts, what their purchasing barriers are, and more. The answers you get are incredibly helpful to you, and the best part is – it’s coming straight from the exact audience you want to target.

2.    Add something more to your purchase-related emails. 

  • Instead of simply sending a receipt or confirmation of appointment, get creative and make these emails work for your marketing efforts too. People are very likely to open these emails as they contain payment information, so it would be a huge missed opportunity not to capitalize on that. Include more content that increases customer satisfaction or provides more interesting information. While people are reading the email, give them a reason to click onto your site or fill out a lead form. Turn even those purchase-related or service confirmation emails into chances for conversions and higher visibility.

3.    Utilize video in your marketing strategy. 

  • People are visual, and videos are often even more appealing than images. Show your dealership’s personality with a fun video and draw people in who don’t like to read or just don’t have the time. It helps to make your business seem more human and relatable, and you could win over future customers with something clever. This adds another dimension to your presence on social media that can reach new customers or re-engage old ones.

4.    Don’t always focus on selling with your marketing content. 

  • Create content that provides value for your audience. This could be with educational, useful information or something light and entertaining. Incorporating both into your marketing plan – along with your product promotions and calls to visit your dealership – can go a long way and help your audience connect. Your readers are smart – they know when you’re selling something! And while it’s fine to do that, consider mixing it up. It’s worth the time and effort to engage genuinely with your customers, with no sales tactics behind the connection. Share a fun story about one of your employees, a cool throwback image of your dealership in its early days, a behind the scenes tour of your store – anything you would find interesting, your customers likely will too!

5.    Look at the big picture. 

  • There is likely one or a few major factor(s) that much of the success of your business rides on. What is the one event in your customers’ experiences with your dealership that drives them to purchase? What helps to facilitate repeat purchases, engagement with your business, and loyalty to your dealership? Identify that strength – maybe it’s the service excellence award that you’ve worked hard to deserve, or maybe it’s the special deals you offer to repeat customers. Place a major focus on one major strength that your dealership has and figure out how to best promote it via digital marketing. A post on social media, a demonstrative e-newsletter, or a video embedded on your website can all be creative tactics that work well for this.

Implement these five major trends and see what they can do for your business! All of the tips above – some very simple and others involving a bit more work – will ultimately work to increase your dealership’s online presence. The extra visibility you may gain could result in a major impact to your bottom line!
Why not give it a try? Pick a few to try out, and get trendy!


Lauren Labunsky

Lauren Labunsky is the public relations manager for Dealer Spike, a company that provides innovative websites as well as a suite of powerful digital marketing solutions that help RV dealers help increase online leads and sales. For more information, visit

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