Forbes Spotlights Leisure Travel Vans

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Editor’s note: Forbes magazine contributor Meggen Taylor recently wrote about her experience living in a Class C Leisure Travel Van. The following is an account of her experiences.

I’ve always jokingly told my husband that nothing good ever comes from being in a van against your will. If you watch enough Investigation Discovery or CSI Miami or Las Vegas vans always seem to be the preferred mode of travel for the “perps” looking for their next victim.

But I was also half serious. So I never thought in a million years that these words would fall from my lips: I could live in a van (at least while I am traveling). However, after recently stumbling across a luxury van that most people can actually afford—outfitted with flat screen televisions, full kitchens, a full queen-sized bed, a dry bathroom (that means it has a standalone shower), and high-end woodwork and finishes—I’m happily eating my words.

My husband is celebrating as well since he’s finally “pulled me over to the dark side”. When he graduated from college he split his time between living in his yellow Volkswagon bus (still a van in my mind), which he cleverly rented out on a nightly basis when not in use long before Airbnb, and his sailboat while living in Key West. This kind of mobile, transient lifestyle has always been in his blood. It’s never appealed to me at all.

Until now.

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