Ford Endorses Winnebago’s Modification Ability

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Ford recognized Winnebago as part of the automaker’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program, denoting that the Forest City, Iowa, RV manufacturer meets Ford’s modification standards.

Winnebago has received this recognition from Ford every year since the program’s inception in 1996.

The QVM Program recognition is based on an assessment of a modifier’s engineering capability, the manufacturing process, adherence to Ford Motor Company QVM guidelines and quality control procedures.

According to Ford, the purpose of this program is to assure vehicle modifiers have the capability and processes in place to complete the vehicle in a repeatable manner that maintains the integrity of the Ford chassis system, meets federal and other standards in place at the time of the build and provides end users with a quality-built vehicle that meets their expectations. 

“At Winnebago, we strive to provide a superior product to our customers,” Director of Quality Control Chuck Hughes said. “We work closely with suppliers to maintain the integrity of purchased components in order to ensure quality in the finished product. By following these guidelines, we believe it has allowed us to excel in Ford’s Quality Vehicle Modifier Program. It continues to be a priority for us as we work to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for the quality found in each product that we build.”  


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