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Forest River Celebrates 15th Softball Tournament

Forest River recently put on its 15th annual company softball tournament over the past two Saturdays, an all-day event on both days from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Riverview Park.

This story by Clay Sidenbender originally appeared in The Elkhart Truth.

For Kevin Reed, Forest River purchasing manager, the companywide event is a family affair. Every year for the past eight years, he takes charge of what is thought to be the largest company event of its kind in the state.

“I enjoy seeing (the employees) smile,” Reed said. “They bring all their families out. I think we served over 2,400 people through the food line. These employees talk about it all year long.”

The event takes three months to plan. Reed organizes the softball tournaments and his wife, Cheryl, handles the food.

Adrienne Pittman, assistant human resources coordinator at Forest River’s Goshen office, orders the accessories, including hats and shirts.

Doug Gaeddert, Forest River group general manager, serves as the corporate sponsor.

Gaeddert said the event’s first year featured 15 or 20 teams. This year, 64 teams were divided into three different tournaments.

Cheryl Reed orders the food from Stanz Foodservice. Each year, the food is delivered, and she freezes it until the day of the event. She said a family group helps her load and unload the food at the park.

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