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Overview of the 6th West Coast Open House before opening the doors.

Forest River Readies for 7th West Coast Open House

Preceding September’s Open House hoopla in Elkhart for the past six years is the West Coast Expo – a comparably low-key, two-day event in Oregon. From Aug. 23 to 24, West Coast dealers will be able to get a leg up on Forest River’s RV units planned for 2018. And although manufacturers are seldom on that side of the U.S. (Outdoor RV, Northwood), Forest River has been experiencing a growing number of dealerships visiting, imparting feedback, and possibly forgoing Elkhart’s Open House.

“When you go to Louisville, when you go to Elkhart, there’s so much there that you don’t really have the opportunity to sit down and spend quality time with your dealer base,” said Steve Roitstein, Forest River’s West Coast sales director. “Oregon, because it’s a smaller show, RV dealerships can take as much time as they need to get that one-on-one time to build that relationship. Ways to improve new floorplan ideas, new relationship ideas – it gives us a smaller venue to cater to individual needs.”

From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST, Forest River employees will meet with more than 100 dealerships – roughly 250 to 300 people, which is not including sales reps, suppliers, or banking lenders. The 7th West Coast Open House marks the highest attendance its ever seen. More than 130 units on display with over 30 brand names of trailers, fifth wheels, etc. like Wildcat Maxx, Vibe, Wildwood, and Rpod.

However, the start and end time, Roitstein said is “loose.”

“You got someone who wants to stay until 10 o’clock at night,” Roitstein said assuredly, “then we’ll stay over there till 10 p.m. That’s the nice thing about our show.”

“This is an opportunity for our dealers to decide that they don’t want to go to the Expo or if they want to buy multiple brands from Forest River,” said General Manager Paul Eskritt.

Overall, it’s an opportunity to thank the partners and exchange ideas to improve results.

“In the last three or four years, we’ve really focused in on customer expectations,” said Roitstein. “We’re making sure we can do everything we possibly can to service our customers.”

Part of that includes a service parts and warranty seminar that permit dealers a one-on-one with Forest River’s service team.

Open House at Forest River will be held on site at the plant located at 30725 Diamond Hill Dr., Harrisburg, OR 97446.

Hotel accommodations will be at the Holiday Inn at 919 Kruse Way, Springfield, OR 97477, with dinner and drinks beginning at 6 p.m. both days.

Those interested in attending can contact their sales representatives for registration.

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