Forest River Surveyor Adapts LCI OneControl

Surveyor, a division of Forest River, is debuting Lippert Component’s “Surveyor Connect” – a smart RV application utilizing LCI’s OneControl technology, on 2020 brand units. 

LCI said this consumer-driven technology will allow customers to operate multiple functions of their RV, such as lighting and various motor-controlled components, through the use of their smartphones.

“We aim to remain at the forefront of consumer-driven features and technology. The Surveyor Connect App simplifies everyday RVing by putting the operation of high-use functions in the palm of our customer’s hand,” said Kevin McArt, Forest River general manager.

McArt also noted that with recent advances in LCI’s software platform, Surveyor Connect will allow the manufacturer and LCI to communicate with consumers in real-time and to problem solve with diagnostics, which is unpresented in the industry today.

“As more members of the industry begin to request automated control of their RV features, we’re dedicated, more than ever, to offering innovative technology solutions that will enhance the RVing experience. Our OneControl technology is leading that charge, and we’re excited to partner with Forest River Surveyor to incorporate the latest technology into their RVs,” said Andy Murray, chief sales officer for LCI.

LCI has recently upgraded its OneControl software platform to now allow for push notifications to be sent to the end user, alerting the RV owner to maintenance reminders or informing them of RV features they may not be aware of. OneControl also has the ability to report real-time diagnostic information that can help prevent possible maintenance issues, all with the goal of improving the customer experience.

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