Foretravel Motorcoach Inks Deal with Florida Marine Tanks

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Nacogdoches, Texas-based Foretravel Motorcoach has inked a deal with Florida Marine Tanks to provide 219-gallon aluminum diesel fuel tanks for the company’s flagship diesel pusher, the ih-45.

The aluminum tanks provide flexibility and durability to the units Foretravel Senior Design Engineer Bill Sethman said in a news release.

“Steel has to be painted and coated inside,” he said. “And poly requires tooling, so when you spend the money to go with plastic, you become locked into a specific size and shape.

“When a customer spends between $750,000 and $1 million on a coach, they don’t want it breaking down and giving problems — they just want to get in and go.”

According to the release, the tanks are hand-fabricated and the welds are tested individually. Since each is built to spec, coachbuilders modifying their designs don’t have to worry if a dimension changes or a fitting needs to move.

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