Former FBI Agent to Host Active Shooter Webinar

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Robert E. Haley III, president of Veritas Security Solutions, will host an online course on how to proactively plan with the aim of preventing an active shooter in the workplace. The class will be taught at 1 p.m. EST on April 11.

Haley is a provider of active shooter training and other corporate security services. Prior to retirement from the FBI in 2015, his service included the violent crimes/fugitive unit at FBI Headquarters and the FBI’s Osama Bin Laden Unit.

In today’s America, mass shootings happen almost every day. And homicide is a top cause of death at work, with about 500 murders a year.

“Unfortunately, ‘I’m not that surprised,’ is often heard after a violent attack at a workplace or school,” Haley said. There are usually red flags and warning signs that foreshadow an attack, he explains.

Key Objectives

  • Characteristics of “typical” active shooter incidents – (there is almost never an emergency plan in place)
  • “Predict, prevent, respond” – warning signs of dangerous individuals and what to do about them
  • “Run, hide or fight” – the choices we must make and how to make them in crisis
  • Simple steps to implement effective workplace violence and active shooter preparedness plans
  • Workplace violence red flags and know how to address them before an escalation
  • Written policies to keep your building prepared for ingress, egress and general safety in case of emergency

Those interested can click here to register.


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