Fun Town RV to Open Eleventh Dealership

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Fun Town RV has announced the location of its newest dealership. The eleventh store in the retail chain will be in Conroe, Texas, at 1505 Porter Road between State Highway 105 and South Loop 336. Conroe will be the second store in the greater Houston area and will complement its Wharton, Texas, sister in both product offerings and services. A 60,000-square-foot, climate-controlled showroom will be a major highlight of the new facility.

“The ability to take your time and shop in comfort was a driving factor in choosing this location,” said Jarrod McGhee CEO and owner of Fun Town RV. “An RV is a major purchase for most families. The last thing we want is for them to do is to rush out of a hot camper that has been baking in the Texas sun without truly determining if it is right for them. Our showroom will allow us to showcase units in an air-conditioned climate-controlled environment, greatly enhancing the consumers’ shopping experience.”

“We pride ourselves in delivering a shopping experience that is next to none,” said Joe Grossen, Houston area general manager for Fun Town RV. “Buying an RV is a very personal thing, and no two families have the same needs. Our no-rush, no-pressure sales consultants will take the time to make sure your purchase is not only right for today but will be right as your family grows and changes.”

“According to Statistical Surveys, Fun Town RV sells 10 percent of towable RVs in the Houston Business Travel Association over the last couple of years,” said McGhee. “I predict that number will at least double in the next two years. In fact, I would be disappointed if we don’t reach 25 percent of the Houston BTA by the end of 2020.”

The grand opening is scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 12 and will feature a kick-off sale.

“Our stores, especially Wharton, have proven there is a huge demand for Fun Town in the Greater Houston Area,” McGhee concluded. “Houston RVers are tired of feeling like they have been over-promised and under-delivered by the established Houston RV dealership community. I will be opening a second Mega Service Center and RV storage complex in the Houston market, offering same-day service and concierge storage and maintenance in the coming year.”

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