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Furrion Launches New POP Displays For Retailers

The new POP displays have been designed to be interactive sales tools for retailers allowing them to easily and effectively communicate and demonstrate a range of new product features. The POP displays highlight Furrion’s strong and unique visual brand identity that will attract new consumers and those already familiar with the brand.

At launch there will be six product displays:  Furrion LIT Bluetooth Speaker, Furrion Vision S Observation System, Furrion Access Antenna and Wifi Router, Furrion Chill Air conditioning system, Furrion’s water heater with thermostat and, Furrion’s Energy Eco-System.  Complementing the POP displays is an interactive option with a built-in monitor, which shows high quality and informative product videos at the touch of a button.

“These new POP displays are designed as turnkey sales tools for our dealers to effectively showcase the products and their features and benefits to consumers,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. “The flexibility of individual POP displays combined with efficient 2-foot-wide designs and scaled down product models allows our dealers to display our products without sacrificing a lot of valuable real estate.”

The freestanding design and high-quality construction allow these POP displays to be shown individually or as a set and in various configurations, depending on the dealer’s needs and consumer base. The informative and rich content will allow consumers to conduct their own research in-store before purchasing – convenient for RVers looking to quickly educate themselves on upgrading / retrofitting from a competitor product to one of Furrion’s easily upgradable products or pre-wired Furrion product options like Vision S, LIT and Access.

“Many of our retail partners have let us know consumers are looking for interactive, simple and straight forward ways to educate themselves in-store. Furrion’s POP displays cater to this consumer insight, in addition to all the other benefits the dealers receive,” Fidler said.

The new displays will be rolled out exclusively with Furrion partner LCI in December.

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