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Furrion Updates its Furrion ARCTIC 12V Refrigerator

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Furrion has unveiled its latest ARCTIC series built-in 12V refrigerators that it said gives consumers the ultimate performance and style for their mobile lifestyle. Available in 10-cubic-foot and 8-cubic-foot, the models are designed to ensure consumers never worry about their refrigerator while on their adventures, Furrion said.

Furrion refridgerator
Furrion’s new ARCTIC 12-volt

“The one thing you never want to stress about when traveling is your food,” said Aaron Fidler, co-founder and CEO for Furrion. “It seems so simple, but we hear horror stories from customers that are coming to Furrion for a better solution, so we are always innovating to ensure our products offer the best experience out there. These new ARCTIC models offer the sophisticated design we are known for, all while providing advanced cooling that is intelligent and energy-efficient.”

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