Big & Rich performing at Forest River
Big & Rich performing at Forest River

Gallery: Events and Dedications Make Memories for Open House 2019

ELKHART, Ind. - Open House Week 2019 saw plenty of upgrades that left the dealers who attended talking about how much things had improved.

The newly-paved area outside the RV/MH Hall of Fame made the thoughts of the past rainy shows that ended up in a quagmire a distant memory. The dedication of the Peter B. Orthwein Pavilion at the RV Hall of Fame had dealers sitting on solid ground in comfort as they ate their lunches and dinners.

Likewise, Forest River's move to the enormous new East to West facilities meant more comfortable surroundings and cooler venues for the evening concerts.

But perhaps it was this year's entertainment that had the most people talking. Grand Design hosted Train and Forest River continued its string of popular bands with Styx and Big & RIch performing. Thor upped its game by bringing in Keith Urban for a large outdoor show.

The supplier shows continued to try to build an audience with some mixed results. Word has it that the show at the Hall of Fame could have an even larger venue next year, pending completion of another new building.

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