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Garnet Unveils Bluetooth-Enabled Gauge

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Garnet Instruments has announced the launch of its new 709-BTP3 RV tank monitor, which has Bluetooth allowing RV owners to check their tank levels via their smartphone or tablet device.

Tank levels and battery voltage can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet with a free downloadable app available on both iTunes and Google Play. The 709-BTP3 gauge monitors battery voltage, fresh and sewer holding tanks, as well as connecting to LPG tank sensors and includes a pump switch.

“Unlike so many other gauges on the market today that foul up with waste and often read full regardless of tank levels, Garnet’s SeeLeveL II gauges do not foul up, are easy to install and provide an accurate readout,” said George Fraser, president and founder of Garnet Instruments. “With the new Bluetooth-enabled gauge, we have taken it one step further and can now provide you with that same accurate up-to-date information via your smartphone or tablet.”

The 709-BTP3 is accurate to three-eighths of an inch. Functioning on a common bus system, the SeeLeveL only requires two wires to connect the sensors to the display and can use existing wires.

Accessible tanks can be retrofited as the sensors adhere externally to the holding tanks, eliminating sewage buildup on the sensors. The sensors are designed to be shortened with the option to stack two sensors for larger tanks.

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