Gas Prices Reach Highest Levels in Three Weeks

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Gas Prices

Though still low, the price of gasoline is on the rise in the U.S., according to

The national average reached $1.75 per gallon last week, its highest level in three weeks.

But the RV industry may not feel the effects immediately. Several of the country’s most popular winter destinations remain among the lowest in the country.

Specifically, Arizona had the lowest price in the nation at $1.50 per gallon. Texas, which ranked No. 4 at $1.53, also appears unfazed by the rising national average.

Several states in the South rounded out the list of the lowest prices, including South Carolina at No. 2 ($1.53), Tennessee at No. 3 ($1.53) and Alabama at No. 5 ($1.54).

The top 16 largest weekly moves were all increases, led by Oklahoma (18.3 cents), Minnesota (17.5 cents), Iowa (17.2 cents), Kansas (16.9 cents) and Nebraska (16.8 cents). The largest decline, on the other hand, was a modest 5-cent drop in Arizona, good for the overall 17th largest weekly move.

Motorists may have seen unpleasant jumps at the pump over the last week, but March’s start at the pump will not be like a lion, but more so a lamb: gas prices across the country will begin the new month an average 65 cents lower than last year.

In a sign of how fresh the recent rebound in fuel prices are, just 14 states are seeing gas prices higher than a month ago, led by a 15 cent rise in Minnesota, a 14 cent rise in Oklahoma and 13 cent jump in Iowa.

And while gasoline prices have rallied, diesel prices have remained stable and at their lowest in years: a national average diesel price of $1.975/gallon this morning led by Oklahoma, where diesel averages $1.72, followed by Montana ($1.74) and Missouri ($1.74).


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