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General RV Heading to Fort Myers, Shares Trends

General RV

General RV Center will be at the Fort Myers RV Show this week, bringing its latest 2024 models and more than 70 RVs to Florida’s JetBlue Park.

The dealer network shared a few trends in conjunction with the show:

Campers have already planned their 2024 trips – Even though camping season is months away, many RVers have already made their plans. Over half of all campers say they have booked at least one trip for 2024.

RV travel interest is high among younger generations – The vast majority of RV purchasers are millennials, and 2024 expects to see more Gen Z pick up the RV lifestyle. In 2024, 74% of millennials and 67% of Gen Z will hit the road in an RV.

Families save money by vacationing in RVs – RV vacations cost much less than other types of vacation travel, even when factoring in fuel prices and the cost of RV ownership. According to a recent study, there are average cost savings of up to 60% for a four-person RV travel party compared to other types of vacation travel.

RV use goes beyond camping – Many Americans continue to turn to RVs for accommodations. From family visits and guest accommodations to tailgating and multi-day festivals, people are turning towards RVs as an affordable option to get away from crowds and avoid hotel fees.

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