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General RV, Jones Technical Institute Partner on RV Tech Training

General RV

General RV Center and Jones Technical Institute (also known as J-Tech), based in Jacksonville, Florida, have joined forces to train 55 students to fill the critical need for RV technicians nationwide.

The program, which started in 2020 as J-Tech’s Marine & RV Technology, covers essential technician training including gas and diesel prime movers, marine systems, heating and air-conditioning, sanitation and refrigeration. Students get valuable hands-on experience working on acquired and donated RVs as well as have access to a wide array of training aids and tools. As part of the partnership, General RV has provided industry-standard equipment and training materials including refrigerators, air conditioners and axles to ensure students are familiar with all aspects of RV experience.

“Our partnership with General RV represents a powerful collaboration aimed at preparing the next generation of RV technicians,” said Eric Adams, J-Tech’s director of education.  “Together, we empower our graduates with the skills and experiences needed to excel in this dynamic field.”

J-Tech also provides opportunities for students to prepare for life after graduation with interview preparation and career services that match students with tailored employment opportunities. General RV also helps students prepare for their next steps by taking part in mock interviews and job fairs, allowing students feedback from industry professionals.

“It is incredibly important for the RV industry that we support those that are interested in an RV technician career,” said Katie Boley, General RV recruiting operations manager. “We are thankful there are schools focused on this industry that we can partner with and help educate people on the thriving careers available within the RV industry and with General RV.”

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