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German OEM Concept Aims to Make the ‘Ultimate Surf Camper’

The following is a product spotlight from New Atlas.

Despite the existence of multiple modern custom surfy camper vans and concept campers, when one thinks “surf camper van,” it tends to bring about images of the classic VW Type 2 pop-tops of 50s and 60s surf culture.

But German camper innovator Rocket Camper is ready to shoulder VW out of the way and assume control of the surf van throne. Its Surf ‘n’ Sail concept is designed from the ground up for water sports lovers and includes independent “wet” and “dry” zones with features like a Murphy bed over a waterproof tub floor, plenty of board racks and a deconstructed kitchen and dining setup that keeps space clear for large gear.

The last time we looked in at Rocket Camper, the company was headed to the mountains with a beefed-up MAN TGE 4×4 camper. This year, it’s shed elevation in a hurry to land back at sea level with the Surf ‘n’ Sail, a radical twist on camper van design meant to keep water sports enthusiasts more prepared and comfortable before, during and after their adventures. The van is so water-focused, in fact, it’s now on show at Germany’s Düsseldorf Boat Show, where it traveled immediately after its world premiere appearance at the CMT camper show.

To help better separate the damp, dirty outdoors from the warm, cozy indoors, Rocket Camper turns the rear half of its Fiat Ducato panel van into a wet zone, creating a big, old waterproof floor that sits lower than the front floor and is designed to drain out the back of the van. Inspired by dinghy design, it adds angled waterproof side panels to create a large, tub-like space for handling dripping, draining water from wet surfboards, hanging wetsuits, soaked shoes and more.

Occupants can even use the shower sprayer stored in the side cabinet to spray down gear and take a hot shower. It’s like a larger, more extreme version of the entryway wet room concept we’ve seen from EarthCruiser and Nook Vans.

Read the full report from New Atlas here.

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