Giant Gander Flag Becomes a Target

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The fight continues over whether a massive American flag should remain flying outside of a Statesville, N.C., business, according to Fox 46.

The controversy over this American Flag seen along Interstate 77 really comes down to its size: It’s against city ordinance.

When you look at the numbers of people signing a petition to keep a flag flying, it’s bound to get attention. At this point, more than 16,000 people want to keep the flag flying at Gander RV.

The company’s owners, Camping World, said it started the petition as a way to get the city’s attention on the public’s thoughts.

“I think it would be a good way for elected leaders to see how people actually feel,” Marcus Lemonis, Camping World CEO.

The city of Statesville wants to fine Gander RV $50 a day for flying the flag since it is out of ordinance, and wants it retroactive to October, when the store was initially found to not be in compliance. As of today, that fine now totals $10,850.

“This is about more than just the flag,” said Sales Manager Zach Campbell on Gander’s Facebook page. “This is about our veterans, military and the men and women that have sacrificed for this great country.”


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