Go Connect Smart Travel Wi-Fi Products Now Available

Go Connect has begun selling its line of Smart Travel Wi-Fi products, which it said will allow customers to focus on their travel experiences rather than having to worry about data plans or complicated technology.

Go Connect said its founding team set out to solve the biggest challenge facing the multi-billion-dollar travel Wi-Fi market: most of the other products currently available are highly segmented and focused on selling cellular data. Go Connect’s approach is unique, the company said, focusing on the customer experience and the specific needs of travelers, which would include regularly moving between locations, wanting to bring Wi-Fi enabled devices from home and ensuring the reliability and security of their connection.

In addition, Go Connect said, its approach is uniquely qualified to address the changing needs of cellular hotspot and travel router users. Lifestyle changes in the last few years have led many to seek a solution that enables a more mobile existence while working remotely, known as ‘digital nomading’. In the United States alone, there are estimated to be more than 10 million digital nomads.

Ease of use, connectivity and security are three of the pillars of Go Connect’s line of Wi-Fi products, the company said.

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