Go RV Rentals Publishes 2021 RV Rental Price Report

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Go RV Rentals, the preeminent source for RV rental pricing analytics, has released its 2021 RV Rental Price Report.

Since last year, the news cycle has been filled with stories about explosive growth in the RV rental sector, especially among first-timers looking for a safe way to travel during the pandemic. So, is it any wonder that RV rental prices are up year-over-year? The report will explain just how much.

The 2021 RV Rental Price Report includes drivable RVs, or motorhomes: Class A, Class B, and Class C; and, towable RVs: travel trailer, pop-up and toy hauler. The report includes 20 major U. S. metropolitan markets, up from 10 last year.

The report reveals the average daily price to rent an RV is currently $178, which is up 8 percent from one year ago and up 1 percent from six months ago. Note: this key data point represents the average of all vehicle types across all sampled metro locations, which range from an average of $89 for a pop-up camper to $285 for a Class A motorhome. The mid-priced travel trailer and Class C motorhome average $117 and $212, respectively. Furthermore, within the sample the lowest daily rate observed was $30 for a pop-up camper and the highest daily rate observed was $730 for a Class A motorhome.

According to Go RV Rentals Founder and Online Marketing Director David Kosofsky, “The most frequently asked question from potential renters concerns the cost to rent an RV. Likewise, RV owners who want to list their rig for rent on a peer-to-peer marketplace or consign it to a rental dealer need to know this information. As the RV rental space continues to expand and mature it is important for us to track current and historical RV rental prices by vehicle type, geographically and over time. Our comprehensive data analytics service is similar to lodging and airfare price trackers that have been around for many years in the hospitality and travel industries.”

Anyone interested in reading the current installment of Go RV Rentals’ Report is referred to Everything to Know About RV Rental Prices on the company’s website where updated RV rental prices are published on a current basis.


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