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Go RVing Ad Takes Silver in London International Awards

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Go RVing won a Silver London International Award in the travel and leisure category for the Don’t Let Your Vacation Ruin Your Vacation radio ad campaign, which describes how RVing is much simpler and easier to manage than other, more stressful travel methods.

In Go RVing’s silver-winning submission, “Don’t Let Your Vacation Ruin Your Vacation – Air Travel,” the campaign showcases how much more relaxing it is to travel in an RV instead of navigating the anxieties of air travel, which can include flight delays and lost luggage. The radio ads are based on real events shared online that “are sure to have you double-checking your luggage before you leave the carousel!”

The London International Awards (LIA) is a creative awards festival honoring advertising, data, digital, technology, design, package design, radio, production, health and wellness, pharma and medical, creativity in PR, innovation, creative business transformation, creativity in the metaverse and other related industries. The awards stand as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves and “fantastic creative work.”

Listed as one of only five global shows in the WARC Creative 100 Ranking, the London International Awards is rapidly rising to become one of the industry’s most important shows. In large part this is due to Creative LIAisons, a week-long event held each year in Las Vegas concurrently with judging.

Along with becoming a significant form of recognition in the creative industries, the London International Awards holds the unique distinction of being the only international award owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.

To view the full list of winners in the Radio & Audio category, click here.

Go RVing’s award-winning ad is here:

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