Go RVing Canada Updates Dealer Tie-In Program

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The Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-in program announced several improvements for 2015, according to a news bulletin.

The Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-In Program is an optional and complementary marketing tie-in program, giving dealers access to the use of professionally-developed marketing materials connected to the national Go RVing Canada campaign.

New features for 2015 include new posters, and the map on a thumb drive for dealer’s convenience.

Dealers interested in participating in the 2015 program need to return the signed agreement by Friday (Jan. 16) to the RVDA of Canada either by fax at 604-204-0154 or email at [email protected] The RVDA will forward current login details and pertinent bonuses – including all the new material.

Previous subscribers to the Tie-In Program must resubscribe, unless they joined (or rejoined) since April 2014. To confirm if your subscription is current, contact the national office at 604-718-6325 or [email protected].

For more information, contact RVDA of Canada at [email protected].

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