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Go RVing Debuts New Online Series

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Last week, Go RVing debuted its new limited online series, “6 Things I Love About My RV,” in partnership with Jeremy Puglisi of The RV Atlas. Episode one featured Bill and Nancy, recent empty nesters who just purchased a new RV that better suits their newly kid-free lifestyle.

Through the summer, The RV Atlas is visiting a different RV owner in each of the eight episodes and the owners will share six things they love about their RVs, although, most owners are finding it hard to choose only six things. While “6 Things I Love About My RV” is humorous, it also focuses on the best modern RV features and how they help make today’s units comfortable, convenient, and ready for adventure.

These videos are substantially different than a typical RV walkthrough video recorded by a dealership, Go RVing said. The discussion of each “loved” feature is based on the authentic experiences of real owners that love their RVs and the RV lifestyle. Many of the owners have owned other RVs in the past and have chosen the highlighted RV because it meets a need that they didn’t have in the past, or has additional features that they realized they wanted after experiencing multiple RV trips.

The series is highlighting a variety of RV unit types and owners representing different age groups, life stages, and backgrounds. Upcoming episodes will highlight a teardrop, travel trailer, park model, expandable, pop-up, and motorized units. By highlighting a variety of RV types, Go RVing aims to provide new RVers with a glimpse into unit types that they may not have considered and insights into the kinds of things that they should consider when making their first purchase.

The series will be available on gorving.comGo RVing’s youtube channel, Go RVing’s social media channels, and on Instagram TV. The second episode is just out this week.

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