Go RVing Lists 2019’s High-Value Outlets

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The Go RVing public relations team executed on a comprehensive media plan in 2019 that delivered hundreds of placements across a wide array of media outlets and platforms to drive key RV industry messages about the benefits of RV ownership and usage, and the health of the RV industry, according to the RV Industry Association.

The Go RVing earned media campaign touched all the points where consumers get information – mainstream print, television and radio, online outlets and social influencers, as well as national, regional and local outlets.

There were an estimated 463 million impressions with an approximate value of $5.5 million.

Highlights for the year included RV stories and messaging in high-value outlets, including: The Wall Street Journal, CNBC,, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg TV and radio, Reuters, Popular Mechanics, FOX News, FOX Business, Yahoo News, Tampa Bay Times,, Minneapolis Star Tribune,, LaCooquette,, Washington Post, Trendy Latina, and more.

Earned media which focuses on persuading news media to secure coverage and then working with them to provide information and messaging is a key component of the Go RVing media strategy because of the value of the independent third-party endorsement provided by media outlets and personalities.

The PR team is updating the plan for 2020.

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