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Go RVing Rebrand Embraces the Energy and Vibrancy of RVing

Go RVing logo

Go RVing announced that it has undergone a rebranding exercise that has resulted in a new logo for the organization, one that it said better captures the “energy and vibrancy” of RVing.

“Twenty-five years ago, the first Go RVing ads started appearing in print and on billboards, introducing consumers to the concept of a lifestyle. It was a unifier of messaging from our industry and more importantly, a call to action for consumers and prospective buyers,” Go RVing said in its announcement.

“Our name was and still is our mission. Our target market has changed over the years, so we have redefined Go RVing’s visual branding to create a timeless relevancy while embracing the energy and vibrancy that Go RVing represents. By creating an identity that can stand among other iconic, culturally desirable outdoor giants, RVing becomes associated with lifestyle brands that consumers want to identify with and be connected to – yet, emphasizing that the RV adventure is unique for each person.

“In strategically developing the rebrand, we asked ourselves: What is the one lifestyle element every RV trip has in common? The open road. The logo embraces the open road and connects it to our name and mission. The icon represents heading toward the horizon and adventure. The logo is clean, sleek, and modern.

Go RVing’s latest 60-second commercial is below.

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