Go RVing’s Boundless Miniseries Goes Climbing with Musician Goth Babe

Go RVing’s “Boundless” miniseries, produced by ROAM Media, recently released No. 4 in the series, which started in August.

The fourth installment features Griff Washburn, aka Goth Babe, who “lives the life we daydream about,” according to Go RVing. “He’s a musician, surfer, and climber, always seeking out the next big adventure. Rather than visiting a recording studio, Griff built one right into his RV, allowing him to enjoy his favorite outdoor activities while balancing his love for music.”

The Boundless series is produced by ROAM Media, and it’s meant to highlight people’s outdoor adventures and portray RVs as the perfect vehicle type to explore those activities, according to Go RVing.

In this episode, ROAM Media joined Washburn for a weekend off the grid with his partner, Cate, and their dog, Sadie, to explore his songwriting process and love for rock climbing.

The Boundless miniseries is promoted to ROAM’s 650,000 Facebook followers, 900,000 Instagram followers, and 20,000 YouTube channel subscribers.

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