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Halcyon Debuts NextGenAuto Dealer Software

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Halcyon Technologies, a global software solutions company, has announced the launch of a mobile dealer sales solutions program, NextGenAuto LLC.

According to the release, NextGenAuto is made for power sports, marine, RV and automotive markets. The company hopes to implement mobile solutions to decrease sales time and improve operational efficiency of the dealer’s sales team and operations.

“NextGenAuto solutions are a special breed of solutions that the market has never seen,” Founder and CEO Kartik Kakarala said. “With several decades of experience and after successfully launching several product companies we are now bringing some world class solutions to the power sports, RV and marine dealers and their customers.”

The product provides session management with Live Dealer Dashboard, allowing a team to measure and track sales progress, and display all current sales sessions via the solutions’ dealership dashboard.

“Most important, NextGenAuto consumer solutions provides the tools for dealerships to be more connected with their customers, providing a dealer-branded consumer mobile application, allowing the dealer to interact with their customers directly through their customers’ mobile devices,” according to a news release.

The mobile applications are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

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