Hall of Fame $1 Million Debt Reaches Milestone

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The RV/MH Hall of Fame marked another major milestone in the Hall’s debt elimination campaign.

Darryl Searer, chairman and president of the Hall, said, “Today is a red letter day for the Hall of Fame. As of last week, the $600,000 note to pay off the David Woodworth antique RV collection is paid in full. The twelve-year loan was paid off in less than two and half years.” When Searer first volunteered to lead the Hall three and half years ago, the debt to Woodworth for the purchase of the collection was $1.17 million, but was renegotiated by Searer to a $600,000 cash settlement.

While Searer is thrilled with Hall’s progress to date, he isn’t going to be satisfied until the Hall is completely debt free. He said, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our debt elimination challenge campaign, a competition between the RV and manufactured housing (MH) industries to pay off the mortgage in five years is getting in to full swing.”

Each industry is being challenged to raise $1 million each. So far, the MH industry, that had a head start, has raised over $615,000 in gifts and pledges, and the RV industry has raised over $100,000 in gifts and pledges.

Searer said, “We probably would not be here today without the generosity of so many companies and individuals who have stepped up to help preserve this important symbol that not only celebrates the heritage of these two industries, but is also an important tourist attraction and event center in the Elkhart area, benefitting the entire community.

For us to meet our goal of eliminating the Hall’s debt we still need people to open their hearts and pocketbooks and contribute to the Hall.”

Contributions can be made through the Hall’s secure website and pledge forms are available for download.


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