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Heartland Partners to Debut New A/C System

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New for the 2024 model year, Heartland RVs introduced the Trio Airflow A/C System across select models. Designed by RV Airflow Systems, the Trio Airflow A/C System offers three new dimensions of cool climate technology, the company said, adding that it’s quieter, more efficient, and results in cooler temperatures than more traditional irirenn, solving the well-known drawbacks of traditional RV A/C systems.

“The innovative design of the new Trio Airflow A/C System helps cool RVs better and quicker than before,” said John Hambrick, Heartland RV service liaison, R&D and compliance manager. “With Trio, every vent gets equal airflow, which results in cooler air and faster cooling for a more responsive climate control system.”

The companies claim that by cutting down on airflow inefficiency, Trio uses less energy, too – which results in savings for owners. The improved airflow cuts down on the time it takes to reach comfortable temperatures, requiring less energy output than comparable models. And because the airflow is more powerful, it also allows Trio to reach cooler temperatures overall.

“Camping is all about letting go of everyday stress and connecting with your surroundings and the people you’re with,” Hambrick said. “The last thing campers need is an air conditioner that makes it harder to relax in peace or engage with one another.”

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