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Heartland Promotes Roberts to Director of Quality Control

Heartland RV announced that Anthony Roberts has been promoted to the role of director of quality control for Heartland, Cruiser RV (CRV) and DRV, effective Feb. 5.

Roberts brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to the table, having consistently demonstrated his ability to elevate quality standards, the OEM said. In collaboration with President Kyle Kwasny, Roberts will spearhead the quality control department, directly aligning with Heartland RV’s mission to lead the industry not just in product, but in customer satisfaction, reliability and quality, it said.

“Our confidence in Anthony’s leadership is matched by our investment in the future of manufacturing excellence,” said Kwasny.

November 2023 marked the opening of Heartland’s assembly plant. Boasting 144,000 square feet, the facility is a testament to innovation, featuring an efficient assembly line

augmented by advanced technology and 40 stations, including 34 for assembly and six for rigorous pre-delivery inspection, Heartland said.

The plant’s design is a physical manifestation of Heartland’s Lean Manufacturing Goals.

“We’ve built manufacturing flexibility, capabilities, and repeatability into the plant’s DNA, reducing waste and increasing flow for better quality, cost, delivery and safety,” said Heartland RV’s Dan Stone.

In addition to the assembly plant, in August of 2022, Heartland opened a 73,000-square-foot parts warehouse, which centralizes components for the Service Department, enhancing efficiency through cutting-edge equipment. These improvements, together with future initiatives like the iPad management system and live electronic documentation, are reshaping the way Heartland RV approaches parts delivery, the company said.

“As we welcome Anthony Roberts into his new role, we are redefining our expectations, that exceptional quality is not just anticipated, it is assured. With Anthony at the helm of our quality control and our continued advancements in manufacturing, we reaffirm our promise to deliver products that embody excellence and inspire adventure,” said Kwasny. “We pride ourselves on building products with the customer in mind at Heartland RV. With a dedication to refining our processes, we continually elevate the standard of our products without compromising on quality. The result is products that are proven, smarter and simpler for campers.”

For an in-depth first look at the new Heartland assembly plant and its new technologies, click here.

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