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Heise LED Introduces Municipality Series

Metra Electronics, a manufacturer of aftermarket automotive solutions, recently introduced the Municipality Series from Heise LED Lighting Systems. All of the Municipal Series lights come with matched or built-in controllers for 15-plus different flash patterns and covers from full-size light bars to low-profile marker lights for permanent mounting or temporary magnetic solutions.

“The lighting colors used on emergency vehicles vary based on local, state, and national laws. Metra is now able to offer high-quality Heise LED lighting systems to the government, emergency and construction sectors to meet safety and lighting needs,” said Bill Jones, president and CEO of Metra Electronics.

The safety lights are designed for higher-voltage applications, offering a wide-range of products that work with both 12- and 24-volt systems. With a water-resistant IP65 rating, Heise’s municipality lights are built to withstand all weather conditions.

There is an array of available solutions that can be grouped into four major categories: light bars, strobe light kits, marker lights and light heads.

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