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Heng’s Industries Introduces RV Roofing Kits

Heng's Industries

Heng’s Industries announced that they are cobranding with Resolute Product Innovations (RPI DIRECT) to produce TPO Membrane Kits for the RV industry.

Heng’s is known for its roofing accessories in the industry. The addition of TPO Membrane and Universal Membrane Adhesive to their lineup will provide the industry’s first, real one-stop shop for roofing products.

The kits will feature RPI’s TPO Membrane in foot lengths of 23, 29, 33, 38, 42 and 45, as well as a gallon of RPI’s Universal Membrane Adhesive. Also in the kit will be a Heng’s AC Gasket, plumbing vents, butyl tape and a ¼-inch roller – all in one box for the customer’s convenience. The kits also offer the ability to select membrane rolled or folded.

“We are very excited to offer these kits to the RV market and help streamline the ordering process for RV dealers. Up until now, RV dealers had to either order each item individually or order a basic install kit and the membrane to complete the job,” said Robert Kauffman, president and CEO of Heng’s Industries.

“Now, all dealers need to know is the size of the roof and order the corresponding kit size. They will get all they need with one SKU,” Kauffman said.

Clark Chandler, vice president of aftermarket sales with RPI said, “We are thrilled to be working with Heng’s to bring these kits to market. Our membrane comes with a Lifetime Warranty, our adhesive offers twice the industry standard coverage, and we couldn’t have picked a better company to help us create a complete kit. We have done several installs around the country with select RV dealers and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

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