Hifonics Rolls Out New Speakers

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Hifonics, a brand owned by Libertyville, Ill.-based Maxxsonics, announces the newest line of BRUTUS Gamma (BG) amplifiers, which it says provides audio with undistorted clarity while producing big power.

“Incorporating Super D Class and Super A/B Class technology that features Ultra-Fi MOSFET outputs, selected for both balance and output power, BRUTUS Gamma amplifiers set the standard for RMS,” the company said.

RMS, or root mean square power handling, refers to how much continuous power a speaker or amplifier can handle.

“We are really excited about this line of amplifiers, especially the technology that is in it,” said Alden Stiefel, president/CEO of Maxxsonics USA. “We have pushed the boundary of what is possible while setting a measure of expectation at Hifonics for years to come.”


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