HMRVI Chosen to Lead Inspector NRVTA Training

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Howard and Pam Jaros, owners of HMRVI Corp., have been chosen to lead Level 2 Inspector Training for the National RV Inspectors Association at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas. Howard also conducts the optional business curriculum offered during Week 1 RV Maintenance Training at the Academy.

Howard and Pam have been full-time RVers since 2008 and certified inspectors since 2014. They dedicate time away from their RV inspection business to teach the Level 2 RV inspection and business skills several times per year in Athens.

Level 2 inspections are comprehensive reviews of all internal and external systems of any type of RV, ranging from 20-foot travel trailers to fifth wheels to 45-foot luxury motorhomes. The inspection report includes detailed observations documented with pictures of every system.

Systems include the roof with the condition of all openings to the roof and junctions of roof and walls, AC, DC and chassis electrical systems, propane systems (cooktop, furnace, and water heater), plumbing systems (sinks, toilets, showers, fresh water tank, gray and black water tanks, water pump), appliances, doors and windows, and tires as well as the cosmetic condition of flooring, carpets, cabinets, window coverings and furnishings. A higher-level motorhome inspection may also include fluid analysis of the engine.

Howard and Pam are also experts at risk-management, an important factor in providing reports for those planning a major financial expenditure.

Howard and Pam conduct team inspections, and are strong proponents of joint inspection strategies. Howard focuses on the outside and mechanical aspects, Pam on the inside. Throughout the course, among the hands-on labs, he introduces students to the NRVIA resources including the “Find an Inspector” aspect of the website. He also advocates continuing education including factory tours and more in-depth classes from individual RV appliance manufacturers.


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