Dennis Robbins, Charles Hoefer, Buddy Reaves
Left to right: Dennis Robbins, Charles Hoefer, Buddy Reaves (Sales Manager, Robbins Camper Sales)

Hoefer RV Signs Retail Deal with Robbins Camper Sales

Hoefer Group has announced that it will launch Hoefer RVs in the American market, exclusively with Robbins Camper Sales in Florida. Hoefer Group’s African-made, sub-ultralight RVs – with zero wood and leak-free structures – align with the reputation Robbins Camper Sales has garnered in providing premium sales and RV service, according to the company.

Photos below are from the South African division.

“We have completely re-worked product design, with our RVs having potential to last decades in normal use,” said Charles Hoefer, CEO of Hoefer Group. “And to make sure customers enjoy buying and owning Hoefer RVs, we looked for great dealers who go above and beyond for their customers; the Robbins team fits everything we hoped for in the Florida market.”

Robbins Camper Sales was founded by Dennis Robbins in 1975, who continues to own and manage the 16-employee operation.

“Everything we’ve done over the years is customer-focused,” said Robbins. “The pride of our dealership is the level of engagement our employees share in working to make each customer satisfied. The low-pressure, care-for-the-customer environment I love isn’t possible without great employees, and we have a great team who all love what they do.”

Robbins Camper Sales specializes in high-end, used motorhomes and towables.

“When Dennis and I sat down to discuss the project, particularly the culture fit we hoped to achieve, it became very apparent we were on the same wavelength,” said Hoefer. “I myself am blown away by how meticulously clean, organized, and fun the dealership is to tour. Even the sales office is lined with vintage motorcycles, antiques, and eclectic décor.”

“For years we were a top national dealer for iconic nameplates, and a number of manufacturers have asked us to return; but that side of the business, just in my opinion, slowly lost sight of our customers,” said Robbins. “I love Charles’ technology, blending aspects of high-tech marine construction, which, along with several warranty innovations, keeps us customer centered.”

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