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Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Teams Up With RVC Outdoor Destinations

The following is a report from Modern Campground.

Horizon Outdoor Hospitality and RVC Outdoor Destinations announced a strategic joint venture aimed at expanding management services and integrating investment and development strategies. This collaboration marks a milestone in a decade-long relationship between two leaders in outdoor hospitality, setting a new standard for resort management and development.

Horizon Outdoor Hospitality, renowned for its third-party management services, teams up with RVC Outdoor Destinations, a leader in developing high-quality outdoor resorts. This partnership is poised to leverage the strengths of both entities to offer comprehensive solutions in management, investment, and acquisitions tailored for the burgeoning sector of outdoor hospitality.

Andy Cates, CEO and Founder of RVC, emphasized the strategic alignment, noting that Horizon has been a recommended partner for years due to its operational excellence. “We have long recommended Scott and Horizon for third-party management. After years of endorsing their expertise, we concluded it was time to partner with Scott and his team to introduce a new offering for the industry,” Cates said.

Scott Foos, CEO and Partner at Horizon, highlighted the evolution of their services over two decades, underscoring the impact of this partnership. “Our partnership with RVC will unlock new capabilities that will allow us to deepen our engagement with our clients,” Foos remarked.

The joint venture comes at a time when RVC Outdoor Destinations celebrates 17 years of success in the industry, having developed a portfolio of top-tier RV and glamping sites across major U.S. markets such as Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Yosemite. This historical success underpins the new venture’s potential to innovate within the industry.

Concurrently, Horizon is marking its 20th anniversary, a period during which it has grown to manage top-tier properties across 16 states, providing not only management but also professional accounting and consulting services to the outdoor hospitality industry.

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