HuebnerPetersen Readies Lead Generating Site for RV Dealers

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HuebnerPetersen Marketing Communications has launched its first of several lead-generating websites built for the RV industry.

“We’ve built this type of site in the past for a manufacturer, and it produced quality leads as well as a tremendous return-on-investment,” HeubnerPetersen President Jim Huebner said. “Today, we’re opening it up to any company looking for more RV buyer leads, whether it’s a manufacturer for their dealer network or a local dealer.”

The site helps consumers determine which type of RV is best suited for their family. Once the questionnaire is completed, participating partners will receive the contact information along with the RV preferences the consumer has selected.

HuebnerPetersen is offering exclusive lead territories to program partners, and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis. The site will be marketed through an aggressive search engine marketing and social media campaign.

“Our plan is to launch three of these lead-generating sites this year for the RV industry, as well as similar sites in other industries where big ticket items are sold,” Huebner said. “We started with RVs, however, because we know and love the industry and are anxious to cost-effectively connect RV buyers and sellers.”

For pricing and a demo of the site, interested partners may contact Account Manager Jala Curtis, at [email protected] or by calling the Colorado office at 970-775-7140 for additional information.

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