Huge Turnout at RV Care Meeting

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The RV Care Network hosted its second National Dealers Meeting earlier this week in Toronto, Ontario. Over 120 people attended the day and a half program that was packed full of valuable information, along with some time for social activities.

Of the 61 RV Care locations across Canada, 52 were represented by dealer principles and managers who attended a full day of meetings and speaker presentations. Several of the network’s key partner suppliers were also in attendance to share in the network’s continued success and have quality one-on-one meetings with the dealers.

Guest speaker, Tim Quinlan, an economist from Wells Fargo, provided an insight to the complexities of international economic conditions under U.S. President Trump. His bottom line message was that nobody knows what’s going to happen or when. For now, the Canadian economy is showing positive signs for a strong RV season in 2017.

The focus of RV Care remains on building a network of strong, independent dealers who work together to support partner programs that help them save money and grow their businesses. The dealers confirmed full support for strategies that will continue to grow the RV Care brand, along with the network’s proprietary brands “RV Traveler’s Choice” and “RV Care Approved.”

“The feedback we received from everyone attending this year’s meeting confirms we have full support to continue growing the RV Care network,” said Earl Manning, network VP and GM of RV Care. “With strong partner programs, and the largest service network for traveling customers, through our affiliation with the Priority RV Network in the USA, we continue to find ways we can grow and enhance the values of RV Care for our dealers.”

RV Care is Canada’s largest network of top independent RV dealers, with 61 locations from Vancouver Island to St John’s, Newfoundland.

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