Hymer Has Big Plans Following Roadtrek Acquisition

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Since its February acquisition of Roadtrek, Hymer Group North America has set the bar high for its production goals in the U.S. and Canada.

The company plans to unroll a full lineup of RVs to the North American market, including motorized and towables, according to Erwin Hymer Group North America President and CEO Jim Hammill.

The North American extension will produce units for the U.S. and Canada, selecting from among Erwin Hymer Group’s eight distinct brands. 

“The (Hymer Group) has an enormous amount of highly-engineered products, and those products, a great deal of them, are 80 percent ready for the North American market,” Hammill said. 

In addition to that, Hammill has his sights set on raising the bar on RV engineering for the continent.

“We will be launching products shortly that are so light – for instance on the towable side – that they could be pulled with an Austin Mini, yet have the functions of a family trailer because they’re engineered so well,” he said.

Among the Hymer Group brands is Hymer, which is the first to hit the North American market with its Class B Aktiv, debuting now at the New York International Auto Show. The Roadtrek brand will continue, as well.

View a video walkthrough of the Hymer Aktiv, here. 

For a video overview of the Hymer Group-Roadtrek deal, click here. 

To meet a new standard, Hammill plans to leverage the existing Roadtrek approach to engineering with the German manufacturer’s to deliver what he hopes are better products at every price-point.

“If you’re using a tube of caulking to put something together in Elkhart, Ind., you better sit up and take notice, because we didn’t do that, and they (Hymer Group) don’t do that, and we’re going to have products in every category,” Hammill said. 

Specifically, Hammill said the German company has worked for years to develop lightweight products while staying true to quality. For example, the company produces Class A, B and C motorhomes under 7,700 pounds, according to Hammill.

“That’s staggeringly low compared to North America. They have to engineer material and use the space completely differently,” he said. “They start off with completely different assumptions.”

“My credo and my vision for Roadtrek – said a long time ago – was: ‘We engineer the use of space in order to achieve the lifestyle,’” Hammill said. “The addition of the Erwin Hymer Group to that philosophy, opens up a completely different view on RVing, and we’re probably putting the RV industry on notice.

“The fit and finish of what we did already was much better than the industry. The German fit and finish was perfection, and that includes entry-level products.”


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