Idaho and Virginia Pass PMRV Bills

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In the 2017 legislative session, the RV Industry Association successfully worked with two more states, Idaho and Virginia, to enact bills that define park model RVs (PMRV) as a type of recreation vehicle while also defeating a bill in New Mexico to define PMRVs as manufactured housing.

In Virginia, SB 1497, amends the definition of manufactured home to exclude PMRVs and includes the RV Industry Association’s model definition for PMRV.

In Idaho, H 156, amends the definition of recreational vehicle is to include PMRVs. This bill classifies PMRVs as personal property and states that PMRVs are not real property.

The H 156 bill also prohibits a PMRV from being registered as a recreation vehicle if it: is permanently attached to a foundation; has an attached building addition; or is substantially modified in such a way that it no longer meets the definition of a park model recreational vehicle in Idaho Code.

In New Mexico, the county property assessors introduced a bill to include PMRVs in the definition of manufactured housing. RVIA, as well as the New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association, objected to the bill. Although RVIA worked to educate the bill sponsor and county assessors on why PMRVs are not a type of manufactured housing, the bill sponsor moved forward with a substitute bill that did not define PMRVs as a type of manufactured housing, but rather defined them as a separate type of housing that was to be treated identically as manufactured housing.

RVIA was not able to prevent the bill from passing the legislature, but we were able to convince the New Mexico Governor not to sign the bill. Because the bill was not signed by the deadline, the bill will not become law. RVIA is hopeful we will be able to work with the county assessors next year to pass a bill that defines PMRVs as a type of RV.


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