Idaho’s Leisureland RV Recognized by Google


Leisureland RV Center of Boise, Idaho, was recently highlighted by Google in the 2021 Economic Impact Report to be the one business representing Idaho in the annual report.

Google highlights one company from each state as a success story in its annual report that focuses on businesses doing some sort of digital advertising with the search giant.

Robert Medina

“It’s pretty exciting stuff,” said Robert Medina, marketing manager. “We didn’t think that Leisureland RV Center, the little dealership in Boise, Idaho, was going to be selected by Google, the 300-pound gorilla, but here we are.”

Medina said the business uses Google Ads and many of the other offerings the company has, and that digital advertising – the company also uses social media – accounts for about 90 percent of its business.

“The thing about Leisureland RV Center is that we are not in a prime location,” Medina said. “We are kind of off to the side, in a more commercial area where there are not many businesses like ours. Typically, here in Boise, the RV dealerships are going to be off of our highway and we’re nowhere near that. So being able to advertise online, either Google or social media, has been a big part of what we do because of the location that we have.”

And because the internet knows no geographic boundaries, not only does its digital advertising attract local customers but it also creates a magnet effect for the store.

Leisureland RV
John and Carina DeHof

“We’re not tied to only serving the Treasure Valley,” Medina said. “We sell to people on the East Coast and in the states all around us, so our customer base is very wide. Through the power of social media and Google Ads and all that fun stuff, we’re able to reach all these potential buyers in other states that are surrounding us.”

Medina said that looking ahead, owners John and Carina DeHof are planning to open a couple more Leisureland locations in the next couple of years, whether that be in Idaho or in neighboring states.

“I think that if we keep moving forward and keep implementing these strategies that we’ve come to find that actually work, I think we’re going to be in good shape,” Medina said.

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