Indiana Governor Visits Elkhart

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence visited the RV/MH Hall of Fame on Wednesday for a ceremonial signing of a measure that would loosen the licensing restrictions for RV transport drivers.

Pence officially signed the legislation, SEA 197, in April this year.

The law allows RV transport drivers to move units from manufacturers to the dealership without the need for a commercial driver’s license.

“We try to make sure that, whenever possible, government policy can conform to practices in the marketplace and that’s really what this common-sense legislation accomplished: saving cost and red tape in this industry and making it more possible for this dynamic industry to continue to see the growth that it’s seen in recent years,” Pence said. “I’m excited, with this small measure, to be able to support that growth,” Pence told the Elkhart Truth.

Earlier this year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted the RV Industry Association’s request for a national exemption of a similar rule that had required a CDL for a delivery when a trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating was more than 10,000 pounds and the combined gross vehicle weight rating of the tow vehicle and trailer exceeded 26,000 pounds.

After signing the measure, Pence said he would announce his intention to run for re-election today (June 18) at the Indiana Republican Party’s spring dinner in Indianapolis.


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