Reg Funk and his son Mike
Reg Funk (left) and his son Mike

Industry Mourns Loss of Tri-Lynx’s Reg Funk

The RV industry is mourning the recent loss of Tri-Lynx General Manager Reg Funk, 52. Funk passed away unexpectedly on June 26.

He was a founding member of Tri-Lynx Corp. in the early 1990s, when the Lynx Levelers was rolled out – a “first of its kind.” It was initially presented to Coast Distribution, which saw its potential early on, and soon made its way throughout the RV industry to become the staple in the RV leveling and stabilization category.

Funk always had his pulse on the RV industry from the ground up.

“He loved to talk with customers who would call in to ask about all sorts of scenarios about how to level their RVs and always listened to their feedback,” said Lance B. Colak, director of marketing.

Within the industry, he was well known for his vast network of contacts and keeping in touch with them especially through industry events.

“He was always at the shows,” said Colak. “He would always take time to talk to dealers and get a better sense of their successes and struggles. … He was a mentor. He taught us how important it was to focus on the end user first, and the rest would fall into place. He would take care of the little things when things got busy from shipping boxes, answering phones or maintaining his prized fish tank. He was always involved even in the little things, because according to him, the little things were what made a company thrive.

“I’m sure we can all agree that any of us who camp and see the orange leveling blocks under any type of RV in the wild or at a show, the first association would be Tri-Lynx,” Colak continued. “He will surely be missed but his legacy will live on.”

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